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5% Rebate on Boxed Beef

Boxed Beef

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  • To be eligible the qualifying purchase must be made between 10/1/2019 and 12/31/2019.
  • Rebate offer available to Gordon GO! members only, and qualifying purchase must be completed using your Gordon GO! account.
  • Rebate Limited to stock available at store and warehouse.
  • Eligible on case purchases only.
  • $250 maximum total rebate per customer during rebate period.  Rebates are in the form of a Gordon Food Service Store Gift Card valid towards a future purchase of any merchandise at a Gordon Food Service Store.
  • Rebate form must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on January 31, 2020.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks after rebate submission deadline for processing and delivery.
  • Gordon Food Service is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, illegible, misdirected entries.
  • Price adjustments, exchanges and merchandise returns will void the rebate on the items adjusted, exchanged and/or returned.
  • Void where prohibited.



Item # Description
7640430 Fresh Beef Brisket
1786830 Whole Beef Round Knuckles
2348180 Smart Choice Whole Beef Eye Of Round
6328100 Beef Ribeye, Lip-on
6328500 Beef Tenderloin
8041310 Fresh Beef Brisket
1671180 Beef Inside Round, USDA Choice, Boneless
4269110 Whole Beef Ball Tips, USDA Choice
7526490 Whole Beef Chuck Pectoral, Boneless, USDA Choice
7470170 Whole Beef Inside Top Rounds
7511460 Whole Beef Bottom Round Flats
4837020 USDA Choice Beef Rib Blade Meat, Boneless
2240220 Beef Flank Steak
6328700 Boneless Beef Striploin, No-roll
6049930 Beef Tenderloin, Boneless, Peeled
2877760 Whole Beef Tenderloin
3171360 Whole Beef Ribeyes
2284780 Fresh Beef Tenderloin
1715300 Beef Chuck Shoulder
8042990 Fresh Beef Outside Skirts, Whole, No-roll, Trim
8262350 Whole Beef Strip Loins
5920120 Whole Beef Ribeyes
3166280 USDA Choice Beef Flank Steaks, Boneless
3507700 Whole Beef Bottom Sirloin Butt Flaps
1978730 Whole Beef Cow Tenderloins
7517740 Whole Beef Strip Loins
8042020 Beef Tenderloin
2594380 Whole Beef Chuck Flats
2811900 Whole Beef Round Knuckles
2791370 USDA Choice Beef Ribeye, Lip-on
4158000 USDA Choice Whole Beef Brisket Flats
6019420 Whole Beef Tenderloin
7695920 Whole Beef Chuck Shoulder Clods
3770900 Chuck Roll
2216270 Whole Beef Inside Top Rounds
1076640 Beef Flank Steak
8041880 Beef Sirloin, Top Butt
1977610 Whole Beef Brisket
2850990 Whole Beef Ribeye, Boneless, USDA Choice
7961410 Whole Beef Ribeyes