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Latina Chicken Wings

Yield: 24 servings


Reorder #
Market Item
48 wedges
GFS® Original Breaded Chicken Wings, prepared per package instructions
15 lbs.
Market Item
Chili Pepper Paste (see recipe below)
12 oz.
Market Item
Green Peppers, diced
12 oz.
Market Item
Jumbo Red Onions, diced
12 oz.
Market Item
Cilantro, chopped
¾ cup

Chili Pepper Paste Ingredients
20 oz.
60 fl. oz.
1 Tbsp.

Preparation Instructions

Chicken Wings

Wash hands. Wash all fresh produce under cool, running water. Drain well. Season 2 orange wedges with the Jamaican-jerk seasoning. Caramelize the orange wedges on a flat griddle or char-grill. Place 10 oz. of the prepared chicken wings in a stainless-steel bowl. Add the liquid-butter alternative and the guajillo chili paste. Mix until the wings are thoroughly coated. Place the chicken wings on a warm serving plate. Top with the green pepper, red onion and cilantro. Serve with 2 grilled orange wedges.

Chili Pepper Paste

Wash hands. Toast the chiles on a heated skillet or griddle for 1 or 2 minutes on each side. Do not allow to burn. Trim the tops. Split the chiles, remove seeds and discard. Place the cleaned chiles in a stainless-steel bowl and cover with boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain the water and allow the chiles to cool. Place in a food processor and purée into a smooth paste. Place the chili purée in a stainless-steel bowl. Add the granulated onion, garlic, cayenne pepper and salt. Mix thoroughly. Transfer to a covered container, label, date and refrigerate until needed, for up to 7 days. CCP: Product must be cooled to a maximum internal temperature of 41°F or less, within 4 hours. CCP: Refrigerate at 41°F, or below.